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Palestine urges EU to take tougher stand on Israel’s ‘open battle’ against occupied Jerusalem – PNN #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Ramallah/PNN/ The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has criticized the European Union for its “weak and late” measures vis-à-vis the Israel activities across Palestinian territories, particularly in Jerusalem, calling on the 28-member bloc to adopt a firmer stand against Israeli “open battle” against the occupied holy city. Israel has established a sort of… read more »

In the Name of ‘Israel’s Security’, Retreating US Gives it Billions more in Military Aid #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and US President Donald Trump. (Photo: File) Billions of US taxpayers’ dollars will continue to be funneled into Israel in the next fiscal year, and for many years in the foreseeable future. Republican and Democratic Senators have recently ensured just that, passing a bill aimed at providing Israel with $3.3… read more »

Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Palestinians in Masafer Yatta are denied construction permits by the Israeli occupation authorities. (Photo: via Twitter) By Ramzy Baroud A seemingly ordinary news story, published in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, on January 7, shed light on a long-forgotten, yet crucial, subject: Israel’s so-called “firing zones” in the West Bank. “Israel has impounded the only vehicle available to a… read more »

Israel’s Meretz, Labour Parties Merge to Beat Netanyahu in Upcoming Elections #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Meretz and Labor-Gesher parties announced they had joined forces ahead of  March elections. (Photo: via Twitter) Israel’s left-wing Meretz and Labor-Gesher parties said Monday they had joined forces ahead of  March 2 elections, to boost their chances against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing base. Israel’s political scene is in turmoil ahead of the third national vote… read more »

France criticizes Israel’s illegal settlement expansion activities, calls on Tel Aviv to comply with intl. law – PNN #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Paris /PNN/ France has strongly denounced the Israeli regime’s recent plans to build some 2,000 settler units in the occupied West Bank, stressing that all Israeli settlements are illegal under international law. In a statement released on Sunday, the French consulate in occupied Jerusalem called on Israel to comply with international law that deems such… read more »

Israel’s Renewed Campaign against UNRWA is an Attack on Palestinian Education and Liberation #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Students from UNRWA schools, enjoying an outdoor history lesson in Gaza. (Photo: via Twitter) By Ramona Wadi The international community has still not caught up with or refuses to acknowledge, Israel’s commitment to countering each purported victory for the Palestinians with yet more violations. These countermeasures implemented by Israel, notably to prevent the UN Relief… read more »

‘Balanced and Sober’: Israel’s Policy Forum Celebrates the ‘Pompeo Doctrine’ (VIDEOS) #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks by video link at a Jerusalem policy forum. (Photo: Video Grab) By Palestine Chronicle Staff US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that Washington’s support for Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank will advance “peace” between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Reuters reported. Pompeo’s… read more »

Embracing Palestine: How to Combat Israel’s Misuse of ‘Anti-Semitism’ #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Jeremy Corbyn. (Photo: File) By Ramzy Baroud At a talk I delivered in Northern England in March 2018, I proposed that the best response to falsified accusations of anti-Semitism, which are often lobbed against pro-Palestinian communities and intellectuals everywhere, is to draw even closer to the Palestinian narrative. In fact, my proposal was not meant… read more »