Israeli Army Bombs Multiple Sites in Gaza (VIDEO) #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

An Israeli airstrike on Gaza. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israeli warplanes last night and early today morning bombed several sites across the besieged Gaza Strip, causing property damages but no casualties, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Israeli warplanes fired three rockets at a site to the west of Gaza City, destroying it and causing damages to neighboring properties. No casualties were reported.

Israeli fighter jets further bombed with two missiles in an outpost in Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood, west of Gaza City, completely destroying it and causing damages to neighboring residential facilities as well as causing fear among the local population.

Israeli warplanes also targeted with five rockets at a site, including an agricultural area, to the east of the city, causing damages to properties nearby.

In the south, Israeli warplanes fired five rockets at two sites to the west of the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah, causing destruction to the sites and damages to neighboring properties.

The Israeli occupation army claimed that the attacks came after a missile was fired at an illegal Jewish settlement close to the Gaza Strip.

(WAFA, PC, Social Media)

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