BDS Victory: Columbia University Votes to Boycott Israeli Companies #Palestine #GroupPalestine #israelTerrorists #boycottIsrael

Columbia University voted in favor of boycotting Israeli companies complicit in violence against Palestinians. (Photo: via BDS website)

The Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement recorded yet another win on Tuesday after Columbia University voted in favor of boycotting Israeli companies complicit in violence against Palestinians.

The university’s student body voted 61% in favor of divesting from companies that are complicit with Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

Some 27% of students rejected and 11% abstained, according to figures, JNS reported.

VICTORY! The student body of Columbia College has voted to divest from Israeli apartheid thanks to the tireless work of…

Posted by Jewish Voice for Peace on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The referendum, which was passed last week, recommended the institution “divest its stocks, funds, and endowment from companies that profit from or engage in the State of Israel’s acts towards Palestinians that, according to the student group Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD), fall under the United Nations International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.”

The move marks yet another victory for the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement.

The pro-Palestinian movement which comprises dozens of Palestinian civil society groups was established in 2005 as a means to promote various boycotts against Israel until it meets its obligations under international law and provides basic human rights for Palestinians.

Tuesday’s BDS win comes amid ongoing outrage over Arab normalization pacts with Israel.

On September 15, UAE and Bahrain have signed an agreement that is expected to lead to “full normalization of relations” between the Arab nation and Israel.

The agreement is considered a severe blow to Palestinian efforts aimed at isolating Israel regionally and internationally until it ends its military occupation and apartheid-like system in occupied Palestine.

(Palestine Chronicle, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Social Media)

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